The Top Three Articles of 2016

December 13, 2016

Here are Hanson Dodge's top three Active Insights articles of 2016. 

1. Four Reasons Branding, Marketing, Technology and Commerce are Inseparable

Today, the domains of branding, marketing, technology and commerce are inseparable. In this Active Insights paper—our No. 1 article of 2016—Mike Stefaniak, chief strategy officer and partner, breaks down four reasons why and provides four keys to successfully integrating them. Read more.

2. The Delicate Balance of the Campaign Ecosystem and Why You Should Save the Wolves

Marketing campaigns are increasingly made up of complex and intricate ecosystems, integrating numerous strategies, tactics and channels to achieve business goals. And just like the ecosystems found in nature, it’s important not to kill the “wolves.” Learn more in our No. 2 article of the year. Read more.

3. The 10 Keys to Content-Powered E-Commerce

Content is what attracts, persuades, excites and, most importantly, retains loyal customers. Our No. 3 Active Insights article of 2016 explores the 10 keys to ensuring a brand’s e-commerce platform has the content chops to deliver a unique and successful user experience. Read more.

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